Robert Ramberg

got his PhD in cognitive psychology at the department of psychology, Stockholm University and holds a position as professor at the department of computer- and systems sciences, Stockholm University (SU). Ramberg also holds a position as research director at the Swedish Defense Research Agency doing research on flight simulation and training. He has published numerous articles in journals and refereed conferences. He has served as program committee and editorial board member for several international conferences as well as acted as reviewer for several international journals within the field of technology enhanced learning and collaboration.
Of particular interest to his research are socio-cultural perspectives on learning and cognition, pedagogy and how these theories must be adapted when designing and evaluating technology enhanced learning and training environments. And more specifically how artifacts of various kinds (information technology and other tools) mediate human action, collaboration and learning.


Last update: February 2014

Articles published on IXD&A:


Comparing Expert and Novice Driving Behavior in a Driving Simulator, pp. 115 - 131, abstract, download