Mihai Dascalu


is a full professor at University Politehnica and a former Senior Fulbrighter at Arizona State University. Mihai holds a double PhD with the highest distinctions in Computer Science and Educational Sciences, with his thesis published as book in Springer, Studies in Computational Intelligence. He has extensive experience in national and international research projects with more than 200 published papers, including 20+ articles at top-tier conferences (AAAI, CogSci, AIED, ITS, CSCL), 55 papers indexed ISI at renowned international conferences (ICALT, EC-TEL, ICWL, ISPDC, AIMSA), and 10 Q1 journal papers.


Last update: February 2020


Articles published on IXD&A:


Joining Informal Learning in Online Knowledge Communities and Formal Learning in Higher Education: Instructional Design and Evaluation of a Blended-Learning Seminar with Learning Analytics Support, N. 43, 2019, pp. 110 - 127,  abstractdownload


• Smartness of Learning Ecosystems and its bottom-up emergence in six European Campuses, N. 27, pp. 79 - 92, abstractdownload


• Designing Smart Knowledge Building Communities', N. 22, pp. 9 - 21 abstractdownload


• Smart City Analytics: state of the art and future perspectives, N. 20, pp. 72 - 87, abstract, download