Aims, scopes & editorial policy

Aims and scopes

IxD&A (Interaction Design and Architecture (s)) Journal bases its existence on the following beliefs:
- the complexity of today's society requires the developments of new visions and new tools to address new systemic problems;
- one needs at large to promote a deeper understanding of the interaction mechanisms, whatever the scale and the phenomena involved, from which originate the dynamic and static of the systems and all forms of architectures;
- within complex systems, processes, architectures and cultural stratifications the focus should be always the individuals and their continuous co-evolution with the place that they populate;
- the project and the ability to meta-design are central elements necessary to live consciously experiences, and above all those mediated by the machine.

IxD&A aims to offer an interdisciplinary arena where everybody can present top level researches and discuss ideas on the future of technology mediated experiences in the field of communication, learning, working, entertainment, healthcare, etc...) a future that can be made possible by a joint effort in research and education.
IxD&A, indeed, offers the ideal forum for meeting among frontier research, education, cutting edge technology development and application.
Indeed, there will be no future if research and education will not be able to meet the world of production, or, in other words if we will not be able to transfer the 'lab' into real life.

IxD&A is therefore a veritable 'think tank' from which to proceed to the design for future learning, working, entertaining, growing, aging, etc.
IxD&A is expected to cover future and state-of-the-art technologies, theoretical concepts, field trials, ongoing research projects, cultural media studies and innovative applications.
We encourage cross-disciplinary contributions from interaction designers, technology developers, computer scientists, cognitive scientists, anthropologists, designers and architects, educators, researchers and practitioners to address new trends and challenges in interactive system design, nomadism & ubiquity, personalization and contextualization, identities and glocalities, mixed/enhanced environments, design for experiences, experience styles and monitoring, aesthetic interaction, etc. (see also Topics of interest)

Editorial policy

IxD&A is an open access journal, peer-reviewed, that implements the Gold Open Access (OA) road to its contents with no charge to the authors (see also Copyright policy).

IxD&A adopts a continuous submission process. The articles will be published immediately after their acceptance. In the following months, then, they become part of a volume, at the end of each quarter: April-May, July-August, October-November and January-February.

Around IxD&A offers a book series, 'Living Labs', for the publication of comprehensive essays in both paper and electronic (e-book) versions. The proposals for publication of essays will be also peer reviewed.

IxD&A over the time intend to develop itself as a veritable 'place' (in contrast to the largely diffused 'electronic no-place') trying to balance the sense of belonging to a community and promotion of the individual.
Initiatives in this regard will be announced soon.